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Tyre wrapping machine | June 19, 2023

Vertical coil wrapper packing tires by stretch wrap

This vertical coil wrapping machine is a very good solution for tire packaging. This machine uses C shape ring to wrap stretch film on the tire by winding through the […]

Tyre wrapping machine | September 10, 2022

Fully automatic coil wrapping machine packing tires

Fully automatic coil wrapping machine, adopt stretch film cutter, enables the machine to load and cut the stretch film all automatically. The packaging solutions for packing tires by wrapping methods […]

Tyre wrapping machine | July 25, 2021

Tire wrapping machine with a loading ramp

The coil wrapping machine for packaging tires by winding with knit belt, composite paper, stretch film. The loading ramp for easier loading of pushing tires to the wrapping station of […]

Tyre wrapping machine | July 10, 2021

Semi-automatic tire wrapping machine of film winding

  Semi-automatic tire wrapping machine, the coil wrap packer machine with a top press roller driven by pneumatic cylinder for fixing the tire during the wrapping. Winding the tire by […]

Tyre wrapping machine | March 11, 2021

Semi-auto tyre wrapping machine

 Semiauto tyre wrapping machine for packing coil related products such as tire, corrugated hose coil and HDPE pipe by winding with knit belt, stretch film, composite paper, woven material…..

Tyre wrapping machine | July 25, 2019

Vertical tire wrapping machine

  This vertical tire wrapping machine is used to wrap tires in the vertical position. Packaging by stretch film. Side rollers adjustable to clamp the tire during wrapping, keeping it […]

Tyre wrapping machine | July 25, 2018

The coil wrapper for packaging tire

The coil wrapping machine for packaging tire by winding with stretch film, HDPE film, PP knit belt…….Using large material rolls, with storing the packaging material at the ring. The most […]

Tyre wrapping machine | July 10, 2018

Tyre packing machine and coil wrapping machine

  The tire packaging machine belongs to the coil wrapping machine which packing coil shape products by winding through the inner core with composite paper and different plastic film. Big […]