Category: Coiling and bundling machine

Coiling and bundling machine | June 26, 2021

High speed cable coiling and wrapping line

 The fully automatic cable coiling and wrapping machine easy to connect with the wire drawing line for making cable coils according to your ideal dimensions. Automatic coil wrapping with […]

Pipe bundling and strapping | May 11, 2021

Automatic plastic pipe bundling and bag packaging line

 Automatic pipe bundling and bagging machine is a highly automated equipment used for light pipes and tubes such as PVC/PP/PE/UPVC/PPR pipe bundling, strapping and bag packaging. The machine has […]

Pipe bundling and strapping | March 5, 2020

PVC pipe bundle forming and strapping machine

 The PVC pipe bundle forming and strapping machine is good to connect with PVC and PP pipe extruder for fully automatic packaging. It has the function of pipe quantity […]