Category: Coil stretch wrapping machine

Wire coil stretch wrapper | September 17, 2021

Big wire coil wrapping machine with adjustable wrapping station

 A greatly customized coil wrapping machine specifically used to wrap wide rolls and coils of steel wire, coated wire and electroplated steel wires, galvanized steel wire……..A large mainboard with […]

Hose and pipe coil wrapping machine | August 8, 2021

Reel packaging machine by full sides wrapping packaging

 This wrapping machine is suitable for packaging by stretch wrapping with stretch film from the full sides. Making the well protected package to the hose coils and cable reels. […]

Coil stretch wrapping machine | July 29, 2021

PET bobbin wrapping packaging machine

 Using stretch film and composite paper to pack PET strap belt bobbins by wrapping through the core of the bobbin. Two different materials wrapping at the same time. Composite […]

Hose and pipe coil wrapping machine | July 29, 2021

Economical tire and coil wrapping machine

 It’s a cheap machine which could be used to wrap both steel and wire coils and tire with different wrapping materials, like stretch film and composite paper belt……The machine […]

Tyre wrapping machine | July 25, 2021

Tire wrapping machine with a loading ramp

 The coil wrapping machine for packaging tires by winding with knit belt, composite paper, stretch film. The loading ramp for easier loading of pushing tires to the wrapping station […]

Steel coil wrapping machine | July 25, 2021

Steel coil packaging machine

 For avoiding the damages from dust, vapor, air, the steel coils products are package through winding with VCI tape by this steel coil wrapping packaging machine to make the […]

Hose and pipe coil wrapping machine | July 11, 2021

Large pipe reels wrapped by coil wrapping machine

 Products like corrugated hose coil, pipe reels are valuable products which needs to keep them clean and in good condition to have more competitiveness to sell them out. Coil […]