Category: Tape wrapping machine

Orbital stretch wrapping machine | September 9, 2021

Large Format Orbital Taper the case sealing solution

This is a large format orbital taper which has a big rotating ring for wrapping big cartons, boxes, cases by adhesive tape such as BOPP tape. Large format orbital tape […]

Tape wrapping machine | April 19, 2021

BOPP tape wrapping machine used to replace strapping

  BOPP tape wrapping machine for strapping cartons, trays, bundles instead of using PP or PET belts. Orbital wrapping machine with top pressing and side pressing device to fix the […]

Tape wrapping machine | March 18, 2021

Adhesive tape orbital wrapping machine

  Different from stretch wrap machine, this orbital tape wrapper machine uses adhesive tape instead of stretch film to wrap boxes and cartons and trays. Suitable for supermarket promotion sales […]

Tape wrapping machine | June 19, 2020

BOPP tape orbital wrapper machine packing foam box

The BOPP tape orbital wrapper machine which used to pack foam box, cardboard box and cartons. Bind multi packages together by using tape wrapping instead of using PP strap or […]

Tape wrapping machine | June 19, 2020

Orbital tape wrapping machine binding trays

  Orbital wrapping machine for binding trays and bundles by using BOPP tape or other adhesive tape. Partial wrapping control system to allow the machine wrap only at the two […]

Tape wrapping machine | April 15, 2020

Orbital tape wrapping machine-case sealing solution

Different from the normal horizontal spiral wrapping machine using stretch film or HDPE…plastic film as the wrapping material, this orbital wrapping machine is using the one sided adhesive tape as […]