Orbital stretch wrapping machine

Firewood stretch wrapper/bundler Wrapping machine for bundling Tray loaded Vegetable and Fruits



This stretch wrapping machine is a good device to wrap bundles of fire wood by using the LLDPE stretch wrap. You can place the lumber to the fixture(holder) easily. There are two control mode available for you to choose, one is the automatic mode which the machine does the wrapping circles counting automatically and another mode is the jog mode, which operators can control the machine by the pedal switch. When you step on the pedal switch the machine will run and when you release it the machine stops.

This machine has many other possible use. It can be used to wrap boxes and cartons, bundling two or more products together for promotion sales. It also can be used to wrap produce that is loaded by tray or plastic baskets and containers. #wrappers #stretchwrappingmachine #bundling #packagingmachine #packagingsolution #wrappingmachine #firewood #firewoodbusiness