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Shrink wrapping machine | June 6, 2021

Bottle unscrambler used to aligning bottles

 The bottle unscrambler is a great machine for aligning the bottles of medicine and beverage in a line, simple structure with rotating turntable. It’s essential for making the fully […]

L bar sealing shirnk wrapping machine | May 16, 2021

L bar heat sealing shrink wrapping machine packing foods

 This is an economical heat sealing shrink wrapping machine widely used for food packaging. It has a L shape thermal sealing blade and heat shrink tunnel for forming the […]

Door sealing and shrink wrapping machine | April 28, 2021

Perfect sealing performance down by thermal sealing blade

 Heat shrink wrapping machine packaging doors and panels with good and perfect sealing down by the heat sealing blade without failure and weak sealings. Reliable to do shrink wrapping […]

Shrink wrapping machine | March 9, 2021

Customized carpet roll shrink wrapping machine

 Customized thermal packing machine with roller table for in-feeding of rolls. Pusher for film applying and sealing. Large heat oven with enough space of chamber for shrink wrapping carpet […]

Shrink tunnel for pallet shrink wrapping | March 9, 2021

Large heat shrink tunnel for pallet shrink wrapping

 Large heat oven for shrink wrapping pallets with high loads. Big shrink tunnel with enough space of the chamber to allow the big products and objects to go through. […]