Pipe bundling and strapping

Automatic Steel Pipe Bundling Machine to Strap Pipes and Tubes by Adhesive Tape



An automatic packing line designed specifically for bundling steel pipes and tubes. This machine is able to make bundles with certain quantity and strap the bundles by wrapping with adhesive tape. The machine has the storage platform as the buffering area, which the operator just need to place the pipes directly to the platform by loading with hoist/crane. The pipe lifting device will lift up the pipes one by one to the counting section. When the quantity fulfilled, the machine will dump the pipes into the bundle form, which the device will carry the pipes to the strapping area.

The strapped bundles will be pushed to the forks. The machine is able to place the bundled pipes layer by layer with pre-set bundle quantity. The final strapped bundles are in a very good condition, all pipes are tightly strapped together. Compare with the manual strapping working mode, this steel pipe bundling machine saves about 3 labors and the total handling speed is much faster. It’s a very nice and powerful solution for pipes strap packaging.

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