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Orbital stretch wrapping machine | January 28, 2023

Automatic bundling machine orbital bundle wrapping machine

This orbital wrapper is a customized orbital wrapping machine used for bundling the timber, lumber products such as wooden planks, panels, posts…. The machine has stainless steel plate which pushed […]

Online orbital wrapping machine | September 15, 2022

High speed orbital wrapper machine made in China

High speed orbital stretch wrapping machine made in China used to package bundles of door, wooden panels. High speed rotation to wind the products with stretch film, stretch wrapping makes […]

Orbital stretch wrapping machine | July 3, 2022

Aluminium Profile Sticking Film Machine

 Semi-automatic aluminum profile film sticking and taping machine with high speed and good sticking performance.

Online orbital wrapping machine | January 4, 2022

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine

Automatic bundling machine doing stretch wrapping by using LLDPE stretch film for binding the big bundles of aluminum profiles, tubes, pipes and other long shape materials. Orbital stretch wrapping performed […]

Orbital stretch wrapping machine | September 9, 2021

Large Format Orbital Taper the case sealing solution

This is a large format orbital taper which has a big rotating ring for wrapping big cartons, boxes, cases by adhesive tape such as BOPP tape. Large format orbital tape […]

Orbital stretch wrapping machine | August 11, 2021

Economical aluminum profile tape sticking machine

This machine is a cheap and economical solution for sticking adhesive tape, protective film to the flat surface of the aluminum profile……Manual feeding the profile to the machine and applying […]