Category: Wire coil stretch wrapper

Wire coil stretch wrapper | September 17, 2021

Big wire coil wrapping machine with adjustable wrapping station

  A greatly customized coil wrapping machine specifically used to wrap wide rolls and coils of steel wire, coated wire and electroplated steel wires, galvanized steel wire……..A large mainboard with […]

Wire coil stretch wrapper | July 10, 2021

7 wire PC strand wrapping machine

The coil wrapping machine used for packaging 7 wire PC strand by winding with stretch film and plastic film or tape through the core. Wrapping the PC strand with a […]

Wire coil stretch wrapper | July 10, 2021

Coil wrapping machine with extended long side rollers

This coil wrapping machine has the turning ring opening towards the upper side, very suitable for loading the heavy objects and products by hoist and crane with no collision with […]

Wire coil stretch wrapper | March 11, 2021

Semi-automatic wire coil wrapping machine

The semi-auto type wire coil wrapping machine for packing steel wire by wrapping with plastic film and belt. Also available to pack steel coils and steel strip.

Wire coil stretch wrapper | July 11, 2018

Steel wire coil and reels wrapped by coil wrap packer

Using the coil wrap packer for packaging of big rolls and reels of steel wire coils, wrapping with composite paper and nice package resulting in long storage time and excellent […]