Category: Semi-auto pallet packer

Semi-auto pallet packer | February 24, 2022

Non pallet stretch wrapping machine

This non pallet stretch wrapping machine is customized from the turntable pallet stretch wrapper which has a undersized turntable to support the smaller package of non pallet loaded cargo, like […]

Semi-auto pallet packer | August 20, 2021

Pallet stretch wrapping machine with weighing scale

  This pallet stretch wrapping machine has the function of weight displaying. With the sensors built under the turntable, it’s available to indicate the weight at the real time, convenient […]

Semi-auto pallet packer | March 19, 2021

Economic pallet packer with film cutter

The economic type pallet packer with automatic film cutter for clamping and cutting stretch film under PLC control. Only one man is needed for operating this machine( forklift driver could […]

Semi-auto pallet packer | March 19, 2021

Pallet wrapping machine with top film sheet dispenser

  The semi-auto pallet wrapper machine to stretch wrap pallet loads with pre-stretched film material and top film sheet dispenser to apply thick film sheets or bubble film to the […]

Semi-auto pallet packer | February 24, 2021

Semi-auto turntable pallet stretch wrapping machine

Turntable pallet wrapper, pre-stretch function. PLC program for automatic control, easy to resetting or remake a new program.  Stretch wrap used as the packing material. Drive up ramp for loading […]

Semi-auto pallet packer | February 24, 2021

M type pallet stretch wrapping machine

M type or so called E type pallet wrapper, pallet stretch wrapping machine which suitable to load with pallet jack or pallet truck.