Pallet stretch wrapping machine

Wrapper to Seal Food Container Soup Bowls No Leak Delivery



This is a good machine for restaurants to seal their food containers such as plastic soup bowls to avoid leaking during the food delivery. A gadget for packing takeout, reduce the complaints that you may get. It uses narrow cling film to wrap the edge of the containers, make the boxes are sealed tightly. It’s easy to operate this device, which you just need to place your containers on the turntable and hold the stretch wrap and rotate it. Just need few seconds you will finish it and make a very good sealing.

There are many other possible use for this machine. It can be used to seal Acrylic candy box, transparent gift box with adhesive BOPP tape. It also can be used to wrap small objects, binding them together, make the bundling fast. #restaurant #takeoutfood #fooddelivery