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Side sealer shrink wrapping machine | July 3, 2021

Continuous side sealing and cutting with fast speed

The side sealing and thermal cutting is fast in speed and continuous. Efficient to make nice packages to products with large quantity. Side sealing shrink wrapping machine/ Thermal sealing and […]

Side sealer shrink wrapping machine | July 3, 2021

Side sealing shrink wrapper packaging panels and boards

The perfect packaging machine to make nice and transparent packaging for door, panel, board by sealing and shrinking by thermal sealer and heat shrink tunnel. POF shrinkable film is adopted […]

Side sealer shrink wrapping machine | July 3, 2021

Thermal shrink packaging machine packing grocery and metal desk

This thermal shrink packaging machine is the best choice when packaging grocery and products need transparent package. It uses POF contractable film as the wrapping material, heat shrink tunnel with […]

Side sealer shrink wrapping machine | September 7, 2020

Tape roll packaging machine -shrink wrapping solution

The shrink wrapping packaging solution for packing tape rolls. Suitable for BOPP adhesive tape rolls……The machine is automatic with no limitation for the packing length. Different quantity are optional for […]

Side sealer shrink wrapping machine | April 3, 2020

Hose coils shrink wrapping machine

The shrink wrapping machine which used to packaging the hose coils. Applicable to corrugated hose coils, and plastic and rubber pipes, tubes….. Suitable for variant sizes and has the perfect […]