Coil stretch wrapping machine | January 25, 2019

Economical coil wrapping machine

 A simple coil wrapping machine made to package small coils and rolls efficiently. Suitable for hose coils, bearing, copper core, tyre packaging… Cheap coil wrapping machine/ Economical coil wrapping […]

Online orbital wrapping machine | January 4, 2019

Horizontal stretch wrapping machine the automatic bundler

 The horizontal stretch wrapping machine is the perfect bundler for wrapping long and large products like bundles, cartons….by stretch film. Making the sealed and tidy package for the large […]

Pipe bundling and strapping | November 25, 2018

Automatic plastic pipe bundling and bagging line

 The automatic plastic pipe bundling and bagging line is designed for packing PVC pipes and PP pipes. The machine has a lifting device which is capable to aligning and […]

Steel strip wrapping machine | July 29, 2018

Steel strip coil wrapping machine

 Big coil wrapping machine applicable to the packaging of large coils and rolls of steel strip and slit steel coils. Making the protective packaging for the vulnerable products against […]

Tyre wrapping machine | July 25, 2018

The coil wrapper for packaging tire

 The coil wrapping machine for packaging tire by winding with stretch film, HDPE film, PP knit belt…….Using large material rolls, with storing the packaging material at the ring. The […]

Steel strip wrapping machine | July 25, 2018

Steel strip winding packaging machine

 Steel strip coils and slit steel coils packaging by wrapping with stretch film and other packaging material through winding. The main board of this coil wrapping packaging machine is […]