Side sealer shrink wrapping machine

Perfect packaging solution for rolls and round bundles by shrink wrap



Have you ever been troubled by the packaging process for round products like carpet rolls, roofing rolls (roll roofing/rolled roofing), FIBC rolls, weather shield rolls, woven fabric rolls, melt-blown rolls, foam sheet rolls, floor guard rolls, EVA rolls as well as variant round shape products and bundles such as PVC tubes, pipes. Make a beautiful package with good protection is very important for the sales of these products, get more popularity in the market.

This shrink wrap machine is perfect to do this job. It has side sealing unit and transverse sealing blade to weld and cut the POF film, form a plastic bag around the rolls. The package is sealed and airtight without a leak. And this shrink wrap machine is controlled by automatic control system, the wrapped rolls will go to the shrink oven for heat shrinking. The whole process is continued smoothly and automatically. The final package is very tight and good looking, gives very good protection to the products, preventing damages caused by rain, dust and stain and slow down the oxidation.