Semi-auto pallet packer

Pallet stretch wrapping machine with lock type pre-stretch film carriage



Pre-stretch is one of the key features on pallet stretch wrapping machines. It’s the way of expanding the stretch film through the motor driven film carriage. It has great capacity than the post-stretch wrap head. The post-stretch models only can stretch the stretch wrap 15-20% and have neckdown problem, but the pre-stretch film carriage can stretch the film 150-200% and remaining the same width without the neckdown problem.

This pallet wrapping machine has the lock type pre-stretch film carriage, it’s a one step up than the normal pre-stretch film carriage. It doesn’t need the operator to thread the stretch film through rubber and steel rollers, only need to open the film carriage and put the film into the carriage and lock up. Escape the possible injuries like jammed hands and fingers.