Side sealer shrink wrapping machine

Side sealing shrink wrapper packing hose and cable coils



Thermal side sealing shrink wrapping machine using thick PE film as the packaging material to pack both small and large coils of cable, pipe and corrugated hose. This shrink wrapper has less limitation for the product’s length and very wide packing range of both width and height, applicable to variant products with different dimensions. The machine is adjusted suitable for PE film, thick PE film has strong protection to the products, but requires higher sealing and shrinking temperature with longer time, the package exterior of PE film is less stunning. The extended long shrink oven with side pressing rollers and cooling fans at the end, make the shrink wrapped package tight with very good tension. Other industrial contractable packaging film like POF, PVC also can be used on this machine. Specific color required by the customer, more accessories and more special customization are available to make according to customer’s requirement.


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