Coiling and bundling machine

Fully automatic coiler hose and pipe coiling and strapping machine



Hose and pipe coiler machine controlled by PLC program, making the pipe and hose wind into reels and the whole progress of pipe coiling, strapping is fully automatic without manual intervention. Suitable for all sorts of pipes, and hose, that includes solid wall pipe and corrugated hose. The coming plastics pipe goes through servo traverse unit ,and to be coiled on the first reel (A); When coiling length arrived to the setting length, the automatic reel change device will change the position of reel automatically, meanwhile, the Cutting-Griping device will automatically cut the pipe and hold the pipe end to the second reel (B) to continue coiling; Then the first reel(A) arrives to the left position of winder, the Pipe Press unit will automatically press the pipe end, avoid pipe roll loosen or fall off; Then the first reel (A) will automatically start rotating to reach the correct strapping position; The rail of strapping device will automatically move and hot fusing to strap the roll in radial direction, upon finishing the first strapping, the first reel (A) will start again to automatically rotate to the reach the next strapping position, continue to work until up to the setting straps quantity. When packing finished, the Pipe Automatic Discharging device will horizontally push the pipe roll to the Storage unit.


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