Author: Echo

Shrink wrapping machine | June 6, 2021

Bottle unscrambler used to aligning bottles

The bottle unscrambler is a great machine for aligning the bottles of medicine and beverage in a line, simple structure with rotating turntable. It’s essential for making the fully automatic […]

Door sealing and shrink wrapping machine | February 24, 2021

Door shrink wrapping machine-four sides sealing

Four sides sealing door heat shrink packing machine Make your door or panel or carton products fully sealed before shrink wrapping within heat shrink chamber. Side sealing devices applied for […]

Semi-auto pallet packer | February 24, 2021

Semi-auto turntable pallet stretch wrapping machine

Turntable pallet wrapper, pre-stretch function. PLC program for automatic control, easy to resetting or remake a new program.  Stretch wrap used as the packing material. Drive up ramp for loading […]

Pallet inverter | February 24, 2021

Pallet inverter 180 degree turnover for pallet changing

For changing pallet and damaged products more efficiently. 180 degree turnover motion to up end the pallet and goods together. It’s a very practical turnover machinery for pallet handling. Also […]

Mold and die flipper | February 24, 2021

Upender for injection mold and die

Mechanically driven by chain and sprocket, the cradle is supported by rollers. It’s a powerful die upender/ mold tipper, for turnover the injection mold 90 degree with safe and smooth […]