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Orbital stretch wrapping machine | November 18, 2020

Cheap wrapping machine for bundle packaging

The ideal packing solution for long shape products including rods, profiles, pipes and tube as well as panel and boards. Semi-automatic bundling machine applicable to long shape products, side rollers […]

Orbital stretch wrapping machine | June 10, 2020

Steel tube bundling machine

This is a fast and efficient packaging machine for wrapping long and narrow bundles of steel tubes and aluminum profiles or timber and lumber…..Packaging material of stretch film and craft […]

Orbital stretch wrapping machine | June 10, 2018

Horizontal wrapping machine packing beams and profiles

This is a cheap but practical wrapping solution for long shape products packaging. It’s the Horizontal wrapping machine which used to wrap long beams and aluminum profiles as well as […]

Orbital stretch wrapping machine | February 9, 2018

Super efficient aluminum profile bundling machine

Amoung the horizontal wrapping machine, this is the economical bundling machine which applicable to long shape metal and wood products packaging, including alumnum profiles and wooden posts, reels and pipes, […]