Pallet stretch wrapping machine

Pallet Stretch Hood Machine has More Advantages than Pallet Stretch Wrapper



The pallet stretch hood machine is suitable for goods of various sizes. The film is heat-sealed and cut off at the top to form a hood. The stretch arm starts to pull from four directions at the same time and bagging the palletized goods from top to bottom. The stretch hood film retracts to the cargo shape. Sealed on the top to form a 5-sided package which is waterproof and dustproof. This pallet stretch hood machine is suitable for various industries including: chemical industry, home appliance industry, paper industry, beverage industry, canning industry, logistics industry, building materials industry and other industries.

Advantages of the pallet stretch hood machine: 1. Transparent and integrated packaging, high grade quality, the barcode on the internal goods is clearly visible and easy to scan. 2. Low film consumption, low cost, no heat source medium such as electrical heating or liquefied gas flame, safe and reliable. 3. No waste gas discharge, the packaging material can be recycled, environmentally friendly. 4. Make waterproof and dustproof packaging, suitable for long-distance transportation in various harsh environments. 5. The packaged goods can be stored outdoors, saving warehouse space and cost. 6. The film surface can be printed with company names, advertisements and logos, etc.

Compare the pallet stretch hood machine with pallet stretch wrapper: 1. Waterproof and dustproof packaging, while the stretch film packaging is not waterproof and the surface electrostatically attracts dust. 2. High grade and quality, high customer acceptance. 3. The packaging speed is fast, but the stretch film needs to wrap layer by layer and the efficiency is low. 4. Has shorter standby time, and each roll of stretch hood film can wrap more than 500 pallets, while the stretch film has frequent replacement of film rolls, and the standby time is very long. 5. Has many packaging forms, while pallet stretch wrapper has single packaging form.