Orbital stretch wrapping machine | June 10, 2020

Aluminum profile adhesive tape sticking machine

 Connecting with the automatic aluminum profile making line. Used for powder coated aluminum profiles, it’s fast and automatic to stick adhesive tape or protective film to the surface of […]

Orbital stretch wrapping machine | June 10, 2020

Steel tube bundling machine

 This is a fast and efficient packaging machine for wrapping long and narrow bundles of steel tubes and aluminum profiles or timber and lumber…..Packaging material of stretch film and […]

Coil stretch wrapping machine | March 15, 2020

Undersized coil wrapping machine for packaging copper coils

 Undersized coil wrapping machine, small wrapping station and turning ring with high speed winding for wrapping copper coils and wire rolls efficiently by stretch wrap. Copper coil wrapping machine/ […]

Shrink wrapping machine | February 26, 2020

Shrink wrap machine for upholstered furniture packaging

 The large sized thermal shrink wrapping machine which equipped with double side sealing devices for making fully sealed package and shrink wrapped to tight and tidy features. The sealed […]

Coil stretch wrapping machine | February 15, 2020

Small tyre packaged by undersized coil wrapping machine

 A cheap coil wrapping machine which is suitable for wrapping small sized products by various packaging material and sizes. Perfect for packaging small size motor bike tyre Coil wrapping […]

Orbital stretch wrapping machine | January 19, 2020

Aluminum profile film sticking machine

 Aluminum profile sticking machine. Sticking the protective film or adhesive tape to the surface of aluminum profile to protect it away from scratch. Good to integrate with aluminum extruders.