Pallet stretch wrapping machine

Wooden door vertical stretch film wrapping machine pallet wrapping machine



This vertical door wrapping machine is made to properly contain doors, windows, and other finished and semi-finished products in this industry. Adjustable brackets allow you to wrap different sizes. • PDS film carriage delivers 250% pre-stretch using fixed gears. By activating the “Double Stretch” control, the carriage can switch to variable pre-stretch via a clutch positioned on the first roller. Containment force adjustable from color touchscreen control panel. Patented high-performance S-Wrap Pattern (with Quick Load System) and load cell compensation and containment force give you total film control. Foot pedal controls top platen, allowing operator to hold door in place, while lowering clamp to secure product. Vertical door stretch wrapping machine /door wrapping machine /door packaging machine /turntable pallet stretch wrapper /stretch film wrapping machine.



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