Online pallet wrapping machine

Online turntable pallet stretch wrapping machine with roller conveyors and automatic control program



This line of pallet stretch wrapping machine has the automatic controlled program supported by the programmable PLC. It’s a conveyorized model which roller conveyor is built on the turntable and both in-feeding and out-feeding conveyors are equipped to successfully integrate the machine with existing packing line or palletizer. The film carriage has the performance for pre-stretching the film material. 300% pre-stretch ratio is about to stretch one meter film to three meters long. This function is not just saves the cost of packing material (stretch film) in the long term, but also make the wrapping tighter as the pre-stretched film will shrink (draw back) few seconds after being pre-stretched. The machine is installed with the film cutter, it’s controlled by the PLC control system to finishing a sequence of actions including film clamping, film cutting, film sweeping and air blowing. Making the stretch film is nicely stuck to wrapped pallets. The control system is flexible to have lots of different changes and settings. For instance, the wrapping layers can be pre-setted as 2 layers or 4 layers, reinforced wrapping at the bottom/ middle/ top points are optional to set. And the speed of both conveyors and the film carriage are adjustable through the frequency converters.



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