hydraulic mold flipper

Hydraulic mold turner, mechanical mould tipper with lifting tables



The special turn over machine designed and made for injection molds and casting dies. This mould turning machine has lifting tables and driven by hydraulic cylinders. It’s able to rest to 180 degree, benefit the operators to operate on the flat workbench with no barriers. This hydraulic mold flipper is suitable to work with lifting devices like hoist and crane. The machine is powered by hydraulic system, the flipping speed is fast and the motion is smooth.

This upender machine is able to make both 90 degree and 180 degree flipping action. Flexible to turn/tip the heavy molds and dies in different directions with variant degrees. The control panel is located on the electrical cabinet, which is far away from the mold flipper. It’s good to protect the operators and avoid possible danger, make a safe operation with more convenience.