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Steel strip wrapping machine | February 24, 2021

Vertical steel coil wrapper packing machine

Stretch wrapper machine for steel coil, wire roll, steel strip…Wrapping packing with PVC/PE/HDPE film, VCI paper, etc. Wrapping ring speed and tension adjustment each different size. www.emanpack.com

Steel strip wrapping machine | February 6, 2020

Steel strip coils packaged by winding on coil wrapping machine

 Coil wrapping machine for packaging steel strip coils and reels by winding composite paper, stretch film, VCI tape ….. through the core. Efficient wrapping package and nice exterior with […]

Steel strip wrapping machine | July 29, 2018

Steel strip coil wrapping machine

 Big coil wrapping machine applicable to the packaging of large coils and rolls of steel strip and slit steel coils. Making the protective packaging for the vulnerable products against […]

Steel strip wrapping machine | July 25, 2018

Steel strip winding packaging machine

Steel strip coils and slit steel coils packaging by wrapping with stretch film and other packaging material through winding. The main board of this coil wrapping packaging machine is adjustable. […]