Pallet stretch wrapping machine

Economic Stretch Hooder Made In China for Pallet Packaging



Stretch hooder is the cold stretch packaging machine aimed to pack goods loaded on pallet such as barrels, ton bags and palletized cartons, bags, sacks, can and bottles. When the pallet enters the machine, the height of the pallet will be detected by an ultrasonic device, and the required length of the film is determined at the same time. It uses suction to pull apart the stretch hood film. Then the machine roll up the film and the four stretching arms stretch the film to bigger width. When the stretching is completed the arms will begin to descend and forward to the bottom of the stack, place the film to the goods. The stretch hood film will slide into the bottom of the pallet to tightly combine the pallet and the goods.

Stable modular structure design, suitable for continuous operation, and the stretch hood film is easy to replace. The stretching and bagging motions of the stretch hooder is an operation cycle. At the end of the cycle, the stretch arms rise to the starting point, and the ultrasonic device begins to detect the height of the next pallet. One cycle is completed and the pallet leaves the machine, the next pallet immediately enters the machine.